What is Sheérit HaPleitah of Metropolitan Chicago

Sheérit HaPleitah of Metropolitan Chicago
Is the Umbrella Organization for Chicago-area Holocaust Survivor Groups.

The groups purpose is to have monthly meeting for survivors of the Holocaust as well as to have an annual commemorative ceremony on a Sunday around Yom Ha Shoah.

Participating Organizations of
Sheérit HaPleitah of Metropolitan Chicago

Association of Descendants of the Shoah – Illinois
Larry Schwartz, President

Dor L’Dor of Sheérit HaPleitah

Dr Janusz Korczak B’Nai Brith
Ben Stern, President

Hofesh Chapter NA’AMAT USA
Tunia Kogan, President

Holocaust Association of Child Survivors
Ida Kersz, Representative

Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center
Fritzie Fritzshall, President

Jewish Lithuanian Club of Chicago
Pola Mishell, President

Laor Organization
Tunia Kogen, Vice President

Midwest Chestochover Society
Barbara Pryor, President ז״ל

New Citizens Club
Ben Kryska, Representative

Workman’s Circle
Dorothy Rosenthal, Representative

United Chicago Jews of Hungarian Descent, Inc.
Elizabeth Katz, Representative
Ceil Klein, Representative

Abram Szwajger ז״ל
Honorary President

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