We pay tribute… We Pledge… We gave birth…

We pay tribute to our courageous Jewish boys and girls in the ghettos and forests of Eastern Europe who fought valiantly against the vicious Nazi murderers.

We pledge to never let the world forget how brutally Nazi Germany annihilated six million of our people, including one and a half million innocent children.  We look back and see how we emerged a strong and victorious people.  We can proudly say, coming from unprecedented persecution, we still retain a strong devotion and love of Judaism and our heritage.

We gave birth to a new generation, witnessed the establishment of the State of Israel and contributed to the further development of our nation.

We hope and pray that bigotry, anti-Semitism, and terrorism will cease against our people and that our brethren in the State of Israel will be able to live in peace with their neighbors and be prosperous together forever and ever.

Charles Lipshitz, President
Sheérit HaPleitah of Metropolitan Chicago

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