Association of Descendants Goals

To remember the Shoah, the attempt at annihilating Jewish life, and to commemorate the spiritual strength of the victims and survivors.

To educate ourselves and the community at large, about the Shoah.  To seek to understand those events and place them in the context of Jewish history and continuity.  To attempt to understand the magnitude and depths of depravity to which people can sink.  To seek a greater awareness and appreciation of the rich, multifaceted, Jewish cultural life that existed prior to the Shoah.

To resist anti-Jewish sentiments and racist activity in whatever form they take.  We hope to serve as the link and facilitator between Jews and gentiles in the fight against hateful dogma.  For only by being ever vigilant and immediately responsive against hate mongers, can we hope to avert a rapacious and murderous recreation of the past.

To support each other as we examine the impact of the Shoah on our lives.  By sharing our experiences and recollections, passed on by the survivors, we not only gain personal understanding and mutual support, but also respect and admiration for the survivors.

In the process of accomplishing the goals above we:
►   Offer programming that is relevant to and will accomplish the goals stated above
►   Cosponsor events with other organizations which are consistent with our ideals

Larry Schwartz, President

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