Hofesh Club – Na’amat USA

            Once again, Chicagoland Jewry and Jews from all over the world will be offering prayers and saying Kadish for the six million innocent men, women and children who perished in the Holocaust,

            Once again we remember the courageous fighters during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.  They will always be in our thoughts.
Sixty-six years have passed, but we still hear the outcry of injustice against our brethren who still live under oppression and suffer from discrimination.  We must raise our voices in protest against the profound injustice being perpetrated daily against our people.

We survivors have a solemn obligation to tell and retell the atrocities of the Nazis – we must be on the alert for the sake of future generations.

We must show our solidarity and support to the people of Israel in their fight for a secure homeland and all people struggling for their rights and for peace.

Tunia Kogan, President
Hofesh Club – Na’amat USA

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